Labelled Tape

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4 Room Set Label Tapes

48mm W x 66m L
Available at Bunnings | I/N: 0204122

Wrap & Move Coloured Room Label Tapes are the fastest way to secure and label your boxes and cartons during your move.
This set of 4 Room Label Tapes feature distinctive colours, so when you arrive at your new home you know exactly where everything is, simplifying the process of unpacking.
1 x Kitchen Label Tape (Green)
1 x Bedroom Label Tape (Orange)
1 x Living Room Label Tape (Pink)
1 x Bathroom Label Tape (Blue)
All Tapes have a 48mm width and come in rolls 66m in length, suitable for use with the Wrap & Move Tape Gun. Each Coloured Tape is also sold individually.

  • Fast and easy way to label boxes during your move
  • Set of 4 Tapes for your Bedrooms, Kitchen, Living Room and Bathroom
  • Distinctive colours to easily identify contents
  • Suitable for use with Wrap & Move Tape Dispenser
  • Strong adhesive
Moving tip:

A tape gun is a convenient way of applying tape to your moving cartons – if you don’t have one however, don’t stress! Pinch the side of the the tape with your fingers very close together (index fingers and thumbs), then twist the tape by rotating your hands, it will tear apart!

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