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Think you have everything sorted for the big day? Here you’ll find a range of How To Videos to have you packing like a pro and some tips, tricks and FAQ’s we’ve learnt along the way!

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Use the Wrap & Move Calculator to ensure you have all the moving supplies you’ll require on the big day!

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The easy to customize Moving Planner will help ensure you have everything ready for your move. Create your to-do list with Wrap & Move!

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Pack like a pro!

We’ve done this before – let us worry about protecting your belongings so you can focus on the bigger things. Here are a number of handy tips and tricks we’ve learnt along the way which might just make moving a little less stressful.

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Don’t leave your move up to chance. Give yourself the best opportunity for a timely and worry-free move by watching our range of How To Videos.

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Worried you’ve missed something? Got more questions? Moving is stressful, we get it. If you’re thinking it, chances are we’ve been asked before. Take a look at a list of questions we’re frequently asked, with some helpful answers.